Miguel Beteta was born in Jaén, Spain, in 1990. His fondness for the automotive sector began in his childhood due to his proximity to this sector in his family business of automotive electromechanics.He graduated in Electronic Engineering an the University of Jaén, specializing in Automation and Robotics. He worked at Gotenman Technology S.L., a company specialized in competition vehicles,  as the engineer in charge of the electronics department, from July 2018 to  July 2019. In addition, he collaborated at the same time with Restomod, a company specialized in the repair and restoration of classic vehicles. He participated in projects as prominent as “MiniEvolution”.

In 2020 he obtained a Master’s Degree in Automation and Robotics at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, presenting a Final Degree Project about the implementation and assessment of robot localization algorithms in simulated environments using RGB-D cameras.

His passion for robotics and the automotive industry led him to join the Autopia Program in 2020 as a Research Support Techinician.


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